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Zumo de Goji del Himalaya

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100% Bio Goji Himalayan Juice (Lycium Barbarum)

The  Goji Juice of the Himalayas  of First to 100% of Merlin Natural is made with  goji berries  of Asian origin. The Goj i of the Himalayas is known for its use in Tibet for thousands of years. The  properties of goji berries  are related to good health. 100% natural juice with nothing added.

Certificate: 100% Organic, Approved Ecocert.

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The Goji Juice from the Natural Merlin Himalayas  contains 100% Goji Juice.

Nutritional analysis

Nutritional information for each 30 ml shot.

Energy (Kcal.): .......................... 20
Protein: ............... ...................... 1.00 g.
Carbohydrates: ............................ 4.00 g.
Fats: ....................................... 0 g.
Potassium: ..................................... 35.00 mg.
Vitamin C: ................................ 15.00 mg.

Consumption and conservation

As a maintenance dose take 30ml. of Merlin Natural Goji Juice, on an empty stomach early in the morning, followed by a glass of water and wait 30 minutes before breakfast. If taken during the day, consume 2 to 3 hours after meals.

Those under 16 years, half the dose.

Shake the bottle well before use and refrigerate once opened.

Refrigerate after opening to maintain freshness and consume within two months. All supplements and natural juices should be stored in a dark and cool place. Following these guidelines will help preserve the integrity of the product. Our juices are natural products and therefore, the flavor, color and aroma can vary according to the seasons of harvest and harvest.

The information presented is not intended to diagnose diseases or prescribe any treatment. Always consult a qualified doctor, with knowledge of natural supplements, before starting a treatment of supplements and before making any change in the prescribed medication.

Description and benefit of the product

After thousands of years of use, the Goji has a good reputation for both its healing and preventive properties.

Tao Hong Jing (456 - 536 AD), a Taoist teacher, wrote that  Goji increases vital energy while increasing resistance to physical exercise  by those who take it. Until recently, the Goji was little known to Westerners and has been introduced after several scientific studies that show that it can be beneficial for the maintenance of good health.

The Goji is an Asian berry native to the interior of the Himalayas . Around 800 AD some monks drank water from a well where berries had fallen from the fruit and say that this was the reason why they lived a healthy and long life. Since then, people in the region have learned that they too could live longer and better by consuming Goji berries.

The reason why these people lived longer taking Goji berries is because of the high concentration of nutrients, many similar to those of Mangosteen, Açai, Tahiti Noni, Aloe Vera and Pomegranate.

Among these nutrients there are 18 amino acids, vitamins C and E, and Essential Fatty Acids. However, the most important nutrients are four unique polysaccharides found in the Goji berry, which can help fight against cancer, diabetes, sexual dysfunction, high cholesterol and other ills that humanity faces . It is for these reasons that for many the Goji is considered a miraculous fruit.

Goji juice is a true superfood. It has important nutritional powers:

Vitamins B1, B2, B6 and E. Goji berries are an excellent antioxidant nutrient.

It contains 18 amino acids (more than bee pollen).

It contains 21 trace minerals, the most common being zinc, iron, copper, calcium, germanium, selenium and phosphorus.

Dr. Earl Mindell. Master Herbalist, Registered Pharmacist and Nutritionist  of world renown, based on extensive research, suggests 33 reasons why Goji juice should be consumed on a daily basis.

1. It lengthens life, protecting the body from premature aging due to the effect of its powerful antioxidant action.
The trillions of cells in the body are constantly being attacked by free radicals. These damaging agents around us can accelerate aging by destroying vital body cells faster than they are replaced. The Goji is known as the "Fruit of Longevity". The strength of antioxidants and their polysaccharide molecules defend us against premature aging, neutralizing the damage that free radicals cause throughout the body.

2. Increase energy and strength, especially when fighting against diseases.
Classified as one of the adaptogens par excellence of Asia, the Goji increases tolerance to exercise and endurance. It helps to eliminate fatigue, especially during the convalescence of some disease.

3. It makes us feel and find us younger.
Goji can stimulate the release by the pituitary of HGH (Human Growth Hormone), the hormone of youth. The benefits of HGH are numerous and include, reduction of body fat, a more restful sleep, improves memory, faster healing, improved 
libido and a more youthful appearance.

4. Maintains a healthy blood pressure.
Nearly one in four adults in the United States has hypertension (high blood pressure). Uncontrolled hypertension can lead to cardiovascular disease or kidney failure. Hypertension is rarely detected at times and that is why it is called "silent killer". A 1998 study shows that the increase in blood pressure could be significantly prevented by the action of Goji polysaccharide molecules.

5. Reduce your risk of cancer.
The Goji plant is one of the few on Earth that contains the anti-cancer mineral Germanium. Its unique antioxidants and polysaccharides can stop the genetic mutations that lead to cancer. Some scientists believe that Goji can be an especially good supplement to prevent liver cancer because it strengthens liver protection and carcinogenic effects at the same time. This is important because the liver is the body's most important detoxifying organ.

6. Reduce cholesterol.
Goji contains beta-sitosterol, which has been proven effective in lowering cholesterol levels. Its antioxidants prevent the oxidation of cholesterol and the formation of arterial plaques. Goji's flavonoids help keep arteries open and functioning smoothly.

7. It helps to normalize sugar levels at the beginning of diabetes in adults.
Goji berry has been used in China for the treatment of initial diabetes in adults for many years, and it has been observed that its polysaccharides have shown ability to balance blood sugar and insulin response. It also contains betaine, which can prevent fatty liver and vascular damage that is sometimes seen in diabetics.

8. Improve sexual response and treat dysfunction.
The Goji berry is revered as one of the first herbal sexual tonics of all Asian medicine, and is legendary for helping to "ignite passions". In fact, there is an old Chinese proverb that warns men who travel far from their wives and families: "He who travels 1,000 kilometers from his home should not eat Goji." Recent scientific studies have shown Goji increases testosterone in blood, thereby increasing libido in both men and women.

9. It helps you lose weight.
In an Asian study on obesity, patients were given Goji in the morning and in the afternoon. The results were excellent, with most patients losing weight. In another study, Goji polysaccharides were effective in reducing weight by improving the conversion of food into energy instead of fat.

10. It relieves headaches and dizziness.
In traditional Chinese medicine, headaches and dizziness were often associated with deficiencies in the yin kidney (vital energy) and yang (function). Goji is one of the most frequently used plants to restore yin / yang balance.

11. Relieves insomnia and improves the quality of sleep.
Goji has been used for a long time in Asia in the natural treatment of insomnia. In several medical studies with elderly people, almost all patients showed better quality of sleep.

12. Improve eye health and vision.
Since ancient times, Goji berries are well known in China for their properties to improve vision. Current studies by Chinese scientists have found that Goji is able to reduce the time it takes for vision to adapt to darkness. It also improves vision under low light conditions.

13. Strengthens your heart
Goji contains cyperone, a sesquiterpene that is beneficial for the heart and blood pressure. Anthocyanins help maintain the strength and integrity of the coronary arteries.

14. Inhibits the peroxidation of lipids (one of the causes of heart disease).
Cholesterol and other blood lipids can be fatal when they react in the body and form lipid peroxides. The accumulation of these sticky peroxide lipids in the blood can lead to cardiovascular diseases, heart attacks, atherosclerosis and strokes. Goji increases the levels of an enzyme in the blood that inhibits the formation of these dangerous lipids.

15. Improves resistance to disease.
The superoxide free radical is implied, in an important way, in the beginning and the progression of diseases in humans. Superoxide is neutralized in the body by the enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD), but we produce less of it as we get older. At any age, the stress of daily life can slow the body's ability to produce enough SOD and keep the disease away. It has been shown that with the consumption of Goji, this important enzyme (SOD) can be increased up to 40%.

16. Improves the immune response (T-cells, IL-2, IgA and IgG).
The immune system is what we might call the "armed forces" of our body. More than 40 years of research have revealed the Goji's ability to regulate immunity by ordering and controlling many of the body's important defense functions. Goji polysaccharides stimulate and balance the activity of all kinds of immune cells, including T cells, cytotoxic T cells, NK cells, lysozymes, tumor necrosis factor alpha, and immunoglobulins IgG and IgA.

17. Cancer recovery (promotes healthy cell growth).
Patients receiving medication against cancer with Goji showed a response of up to 250% more than that obtained with medication alone. These patients with advanced cancer experienced amazing regressions of malignant melanoma, renal cell carcinoma, colorectal carcinoma, lung cancer, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, and malignant hydrothorax. The period of cancer remission in patients treated with Goji lasted significantly longer than in those treated without Goji.

18. Restores and repairs DNA (preventing mutations that could cause cancer).
DNA is the most important chemical structure in our body. It keeps track of all traits inherited from our ancestors, also ensuring, as necessary, that our billions of cells reproduce as exact and healthy duplicates. Exposure to chemicals, pollution and free radicals can cause damage and breakage in our DNA. This can lead to genetic mutations, cancer and even death. Betaine and goji polysaccharide molecules can restore and repair damaged DNA.

19. Inhibits tumor growth.
Interleukin-2 (IL-2) is a crucial cytokine (cellular protein) that induces anti-tumor responses in different types of cancer. In studies conducted in China, Goji polysaccharides have shown capacity to improve the production of IL-2. In the United States, IL-2 has been studied as a factor of increased immunity since 1983, used in some cancers and for HIV infection. Goji also has the ability to cause the death of tumor cells by induction of apoptosis; process by which the cells are destroyed and recycled.

20. Reduce the toxic effects of chemotherapy and radiation.
In one study, taking Goji seemed to improve the effects of radiation in the fight against lung cancer, allowing a lower dose to be used. Other studies indicate that Goji can protect against the harmful side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

21. Strengthens the blood, increasing the production of red cells, white cells and platelets. Treats bone marrow deficiency
Goji is a blood fortifier and a renowned rejuvenator. In one study, Goji made the blood of elderly people return to a markedly younger state. In another test, the Goji flavonordes protected red cells against free radical damage. Goji has also been used in more recent clinical studies as a treatment for conditions of bone marrow deficiency (low production of red, white and platelet cells).

22. Improves the lymphocyte count.
A lymphocyte is any of the group of white blood cells, of crucial importance in the adaptive part of the body's immune system. The adaptive portion of the immune system organizes a tailored defense when the invading organisms penetrate the body's general defenses. Goji increases the number of lymphocytes and helps activate them when the organism is being attacked.

23. Activates anti-inflammatory enzymes.
Intensive scientific studies carried out over the past 20 years have shown that in acute and chronic inflammatory processes, the superoxide radical occurs at a rate that exceeds the capacity of the body's SOD system to eliminate it. Such an imbalance results in pain and damage to the joints and tissues. The Goji can restore the balance of the SOD enzyme, so important for its anti-inflammatory effect.

24. Helps a healthy liver function (detoxifies).
Goji contains a new galactolipid that has been shown to protect liver cells, even against highly chlorinated hydrocarbons.

25. Minimize the symptoms of menopause.
In traditional Chinese medicine, many menopausal symptoms are attributed to a deficiency of the yin kidney. For a very long time, the Goji has been the yin tonic, chosen preferably to restore the hormonal balance.

26. Improves fertility.
Goji has been used for a long time by Asian doctors for the treatment of infertility, both in men and women. In women, Goji is known for its unmatched ability to restore jing (essence of reproduction). In men, Goji polysaccharides have been shown to strengthen the life of sperm cells, and they are also shown to be potent inhibitors of structural degradation and cell death of testicular cells as a consequence of stress.

27. Strengthens your muscles and bones.
Goji facilitates the secretion of HGH (human growth hormone) that is responsible for many of the important functions of maintenance, repair and development. This includes the production of smooth muscle mass and the incorporation of calcium in bones and teeth.

28. Maintains normal kidney function.
In traditional Chinese medicine, the kidneys are the most important organs among all the vital organs. It is believed that they control the brain and other organs. A correct renal function is considered essential to survive. The Goji has a deserved reputation as supertonic, with influence on both the yin and the yang.

29. Improves memory and the ability to remember.
Goji is the first "brain tonic" in Asia. It contains betaine that turns into choline, a substance that accentuates memory and the ability to remember.

30. Help with dry and chronic cough.
Goji is used by Chinese herbalists, alone or mixed with other herbs to relieve cough and congestion.

31. Relieve anxiety and stress.
As an adaptogen, Goji helps the body adapt and be above stress. Provides energy reserves to help manage us against almost any difficulty.

32. It boosts joy and brightens the spirit.
It is said that the constant consumption of Goji brings us a cheerful attitude. In Asia, with good reason, it is known as "the happy berry".

33. Improves weakened digestion.
Goji has been used for a long time to treat atrophic gastritis, a weakening of digestion caused by the reduced activity of stomach cells. Goji itself is easily digested, especially if it is taken in the highly bioavailable form of the juice. The information presented is not intended to diagnose diseases or prescribe any treatment. Always consult a qualified doctor, with knowledge of natural supplements, before starting a treatment of supplements and before making any change in the prescribed medication.

Treatment of

  • Weightloss

Properties of Goji of the Himalayas

The Goji Berry (pronounced Goyi) is a dried fruit of an intense red color, about the size of a raisin and with a taste that could resemble a mixture between cranberry and cherry. It grows in shrubs that can reach a height of 4.5 meters in the valleys protected by the mountain ranges of the Himalayas, Tibet and Mongolia.

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