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100% Noni Juice

New product

100% Certified Organic,Flash Pasteurised South Pacific Noni Juice (Morinda Citrifolia) from the Island of Tahiti.

Merlin Natural South Pacific Noni Juice grown and processed using traditional methods on the Island of Tahiti is a very high quality product and contains: 100% Flash Pasteurised Certified Organic Noni Juice per 1 litre Glass bottle. 

At a time when the international reputation of NONI JUICE has achieved huge popularity, so has the confusion surrounding this remarkable natural product. 
To separate the pure facts from the marketing fiction and 'Hype' is a veritable challenge. One fact is however certain: ALL NONI JUICES ARE NOT THE SAME, neither in quality or ingredient content, that is the crucial difference and the actual subject of controversy.

Knowing that all the effectiveness of this NATURALLY BITTER MEDICINAL REMEDY rests directly in it´s 100% PURE CONTENT, the consumer has a right to wonder why so many products labelled as 'NONI' strangely resemble 'FRUIT COCKTAILS'. 

Looking more closely, one realizes that in fact the title 'NONI' is also used for products made from a fruit pulp base, abundantly diluted with ordinary water and aromatized to excess, as well as with other products which contain a string of ingredients (with no connection whatsoever to the NONI FRUIT) such as Fructose, Glycerin,Truvia, Xanthan Gum, Aspartame, Colourings and Flavours, in such quantities that the consumer has a right to ask a pertinent question. 


Certified: 100% Organic South Pacific Noni Juice, ECOCERT APPROVED.

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For guidance Ladie Health and Menopausal Problems.

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Merlin Natural Noni Juice contains:

Flash Pasteurized 100% Natural Organic Noni Juice as nature intended from Tree to Bottle.

100% Pure Natural South Pacific Noni Juice grown and processed using traditional methods on the Island of Tahiti.

This product contains no preservatives.

Organic products that have no preservatives are more pure, yet volatile in nature and require stricter standards of production, as well as more leniency in recognizing the organic, volatile nature.

Nutritional analysis

Suggested consumption: 30 ml. on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning.

Energy (Kcal): ................. 6.30
Energy (Kj.): .....................1.35
Glucose: ...........................1.55 g.
Protein: ............................ 0.09 g.
Cholesterol: ..................... 0.00 mg.
Sugars: ............................ 0.85 gm.
Vitamin C: ........................ 1.69 mg.
Potassium: ....................... 6.96 mg.
Magnesium: ..................... 0.64 mg.
Sodium: ............................ 0.78 mg.
Calcium: ........................... 0.48 mg.

More than 150 nutrients have been identified in the Fruit of the Noni, some of them are:

Linoleic Acid, Potassium
All the vitamins of the B group.
Proline, Protein, Proxeroninase
Thread - sitosterols
Ursolic Acid
Vitamin C

Consumption and conservation

Suggested consumption:
To maintain good health consume 30 ml Noni juice on an empty stomach first thing in morning, wait 30 minutes before consuming any thing else to allow the Noni juice to have full effect.

For people addressing more serious health problems repeat two to three times per day 30 minutes before meals.

Under 16 years of age, half the above dosage.

Please note:
100% Organic Product, Contain´s No Preservative´s.
Shake bottle before use and store in refrigerator after opening, and consume within Thirty Three day´s.

All supplements and natural juices should be stored in a cool, dark area.
Following these guidelines will help to preserve the integrity of the products.
Our juices are natural products, therefore the colour, taste and flavour may vary according to the harvesting seasons.

People need to be aware that cleansing reactions are to be expected in varying degrees and are perfectly normal. For example increased bowel movement simply means the body is cleansing encrusted matter out of the colon.
In very rare cases, some people may develop a skin rash, this does not mean they are allergic to Noni juice, it means their bodies are full of toxins. There are only two ways for toxins to be eliminated: either pass through the colon or skin. If this occurs drink plenty of water and apply Noni as a poultice to the affected area, and if necessary cut back slightly on the amount consumed.

Our juices are natural products and therefore the taste, color and aroma may vary according to the collection and harvesting seasons.

The contents of this site are for information purposes only.

The information presented is not intended to diagnose illness or prescribe treatment. Always consult a qualified doctor with knowledge of natural supplements before starting a course of supplements and before making any changes in prescribed medications.


Description and benefit of the product


The 100% PURE NONI juice has been used since time immemorial in the local Polynesian pharmacopoeia and in particular in the popular "alternative" medicine which the Tahitians still commonly practice today.

In the 1920s, a doctor of pharmacy named Paul Petard included the NONI (MORINDA CITRIFOLIA) as a "medicinal" plant in an impressive encyclopedia, entitled "USEFUL PLANTS OF POLYNESIA - RAAU TAHITI" – a veritable reference manual still used by botanists and scientists alike– where he records his own studies and observations made on the antibiotic, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties of the NONI.

Doctor Paul Petard mentions there in particular the traditional use of the 100% PURE NONI juice in the treatment of hypertension, internal tumors and sugar diabetes.

Other Japanese, French and American researchers who have investigated the NONI more recently, have observed the analgesic aspect of the 100% PURE NONI juice which, according to them, is effective in cases of articulation problems, arthritis, osteo-arthritis and lumbar pains.

In addition, research has been conducted at the University of Hawaii Medical School by the researchers A. Hirazumi, E. Furusawa, S.C.Chou & Y. Hokam on the application of the Morinda Citrifolia (NONI) injected to mice with the 'Lewis Lung Carcinoma'.

Researchers Tomonori Hiramatsu, Masaya Imoto, Takashi Koyano and Kazuo Umezawa of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Keio at Yokohama in Japan, have also published their experiments on "the induction of normal phenotypes on the RAS cells modified by the substance damnacanthal, an anthraquinone derived from the root of the Morinda Citrifolia' in the "Cancer Letter" 73 (1993) 161-66 (key words: Damnacanthal : Morinda Citrifolia : Ras).

For complementary information on the studies carried out by the international scientific community on the NONI juice (Morinda Citrifolia), we suggest that you use the internet and we can offer you the list below to help you in your own research and documentation.


Paul Petard, doctor of pharmacy:

Neil Solomon, M.D., PhD :

Tomonori Hiramatsu, Masaya Imoto, Takashi Koyano, Kazuo Umezawa :
Researchers at the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Keio in Yokohama, Japan. .
'CANCER LETTERS 73 Nos'. 2/3 (September1993) 161-166.

A. Hirazumi, E. Furusawa, S.C.Chou & Y. Hokama :
Researchers at the University of Hawaii Medical School.
'PROC. WEST. PHARMACOLOGY SOC.' 37:145-146 (1994).

A. Hirazumi :
'Anti-tumor studies of a traditional Hawaiian Medicinal Plant: Morinda Citrifolia (NONI)'.
'In vitro and In vivo' " doctoral dissertation, summary: 1997.

Oscar Levant :
'Some Chemical Constituents of Morinda Citrifolia L. (NONI)'.
Doctoral thesis, part 1, University of Hawaii: 1963:2.

Mian-Ying Wang, M.D. :
'Chemo preventive Activity of Tahitian NONI juice in C57BL-6 Mice'.
Abstract, UIC College of Medicine at Rockford, Dept. of Biomedical Sciences, 1999.


Josee Clerens and John Clifton :
'Sparky Fights Back'. A little dog's big battle against cancer.

The information presented within this site is for information purposes only.

The information presented within this site is not intended to diagnose illness or prescribe treatment. Always consult a medically qualified practitioner with knowledge of natural supplements before starting a course of supplements and before making any change to prescribed medication.


Joint Inflamation
Asthma & Allergies
Stomach & Digestion
Ladie Health and Menopausal Problems.
Immune system

Benefits of Noni

Noni Juice is reddish brown in colour and comes from the fruit of the Morinda Citrofolia tree. It has been used for thousands of years by Polynesian Healers and is still being used as a primary alternative medicinal source to help with conditions such as: Pain, Inflammation, Burns, Skin conditions, Intestinal worms, Nausea, Food poisoning, Fevers, Bowel and Menstrual problems, Insect and animal bites, etc.
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